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Phonics Reading Class

The Fitzroy Learning Centres offer a range of reading programs that are ideal both for students who are struggling in their current educational system and for those who are already succeeding but want to push further ahead.

Our unique program comprises 73 precisely calibrated levels that takes students from their first letters all the way through to reading, writing and grammar mastery.

Students can begin at any part of the program and most will find an almost immediate increase in their literacy skills.

Our centres only use teachers who are certified in the Fitzroy Method, our classes are small (meaning we can cater for individual needs), and lessons are highly systematic and simple to follow. This enables students of all abilities to not just gain reading, writing and grammar confidence but, ultimately, mastery.

The centres use key Fitzroy Method information and worksheets not available to the general public, giving them the most complete Fitzroy program anywhere in the world.

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They are also the only Fitzroy Reading centres that are fully endorsed by Fitzroy Programs, the creators of the Fitzroy Method.

The Fitzroy Learning Centres are the fruit of over 30 years development and classroom testing in Australia and around the world. This ensures that our methods work in practice, not just in theory.

Why our program works:

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  • Proceeds in small, simple steps
  • Easy to understand
  • Builds confidence through success experiences
  • Entertaining
  • Can be used in conjunction with student's current reading method
  • Teaches all essential phonics building blocks (e.g. letter sounds, digraphs ['ch', 'th', etc.], sight words & spelling rules)
  • Systematic and complete

Our Unique 73 Level System

If you visit your local educational bookstore or reading centre you will find a common problem: literacy programs are seldom systematic. Yes, they tend to teach similar ideas and concepts; but unless they are taught in a coherent, systematic fashion, then results will nearly always be lacking.

It is a bit like cooking a meal. It is not so much the ingredients a chef uses, but rather how they are used together that defines it. How much of each ingredient is used and in what order they are cooked is crucial to all success in the kitchen.

Likewise with reading programs.

It is easy for a program to cover the basics literacy building blocks (new sounds, site words, grammar etc.). Where it becomes more difficult is knowing when to introduce each concept and in what measure.

That is where classroom testing is so crucial. Through interaction with students and constant feedback over a 30+ year period, the Fitzroy Method has developed into one of the most complete and systematic reading programs in the world.

Unlike other programs that only have a few major reading levels, our phonics reading program has a total of 3 introductory levels and 7 major levels. These major levels are further divided up into 10 levels each, providing a unique 73 level program.

This precisely graded level system ensures that your child is always working at a level that is appropriate to his or her needs. This is a key to building literacy confidence, since getting the reading level right means your child will always find learning doable. This creates a learning environment that is both empowering and enjoyable.

Fitzroy Method Structure Map


Finding the Right Level for Your Student

With the exception of young students who have no reading or writing experience, all students will initially be tested to find their appropriate reading level. The tests are done in a relaxed environment and are designed to ensure your student will always be working at the right reading level.

Students will be retested throughout the program to help teachers evaluate any areas that need special attention and to ensure students have the right foundation to continue moving up through the course.

Small Classes

Our reading class sizes range from individual tuition to a maximum of ten students. Most classes, however, range between 4-6 students. This allows for a high level of individual attention to students, ensuring they are always on top of their work.


Unique Fitzroy Method Worksheets and Learning Materials

The Fitzroy Learning Centre have a unique collection of Fitzroy Method teaching materials (worksheets, tests, games etc.) that are not available to the general public. This, combined with our certified teachers and unique 73 level learning system, ensures the highest standard of Fitzroy Method teaching available.

Teacher Certification

All full-time teachers working in the Fitzroy Learning Centres need both to have attended official training in the Fitzroy Method and passed a detailed 3 hour exam (NB Anyone teaching the higher levels [50-70] also needs to have successfully passed the Advanced Fitzroy Method Test).

This training and testing guarantees the standard of teaching - something that ensures a high quality learning environment and rapid results.


Who Will Benefit From Our Program?

Our program caters to children of all reading levels. For students who are struggling in their current reading environment it provides a chance to not only boost reading skills and regain lost confidence, but also to surpass the reading average and become 'one of the good students'.

For students who are already doing well at reading and writing, it provides an opportunity not just to get further ahead, but also to master high level English grammar.

If reading, writing and grammar accuracy are important to you and your child, then our centres are an ideal place to gain the skills required.

A Systematic Literacy Program

The Fitzroy Method was originally created by Philip O'Carroll and Faye Berryman, co-founders of the now famous Fitzroy Community School. Faye provided the creative inspiration for the Fitzroy Readers and associated teaching materials, while Philip, a former lecturer in logic and linguistics at University of Western Australia, the system and structure.

The Fitzroy Method therefore combines both a creative and entertaining component (making it enjoyable), as well as logical and structured one (making it easy to understand and follow).

Each part of the Fitzroy Method builds on the one before it, step-by-step improving literacy and ensuring numerous success experiences for each student.

By working in a carefully graded, multi-leveled environment, students always feel not only on top of their study, but also that they are making progress. This builds self-esteem and motivates students to continue learning. It is one of the key reasons why the Fitzroy Method consistently gets excellent results where many other readings fail.


Building Blocks of Our Phonics Program

The Fitzroy Learning Centre teaches all key literacy components in a logical and easy-to-follow sequence. Areas studied include:

  • Letter recognition, letter sounds and letter writing
  • The 60+ essential digraphs in the English language (i.e. letter combinations that produce a new sounds, e.g. 'sh', 'ch' and 'tion')
  • Spelling rules
  • Sight words (i.e. words for which no common rule can be taught, e.g. 'said' and 'eye')
  • English Grammar

When studied systematically, these key literacy areas enable students to move all the way from learning their first letters to reading general literature, for instance newspapers, magazines and novels.

Enrolments and Pricing

To find out information on enrolments and pricing in your country, please visit the Contact Us page of this website and contact your local Fitzroy Learning Centre.

Your Fitzroy Story
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Fitzroy Phonics Professional Development Courses

Are you a parent or teacher who already uses - or intends to use - the Fitzroy Method learning materials? Would you like your child or students to excel at reading and writing?
If so, our Fitzroy Phonics Professional Development Courses will provide you with the essential knowledge and advanced learning skills needed.
We currently offer two professional development courses. Both are fully certified, easy-to-follow, and sure to help you increase your child or students' learning potential by teaching you:

  • How to effectively use the Fitzroy Phonics Method
  • How to get the most out of phonics system in general
  • Why most literacy methods fail - and what to do about it
  • Advanced learning strategies to harness the full power and energy of the mind

The courses are currently held in five countries, including: Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, and have been praised for their clarity, content and lively approach.
To learn more about our Introductory and Advanced phonics courses and find out why they will help your child, please visit our courses homepage.

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