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Introductory Course:

The Introductory Course teaches precise details not only on all essential Fitzroy learning materials, but also the fundamental principles behind them. This means that you will never be short of ideas, no matter what teaching situation arises.

Areas covered include:

  • Phonics: From the basics to the tricks and traps – including the things you may not know but need to.
  • System and Structure: Why many literacy programmes can’t succeed. How to create a course that guarantees reading and writing success.
  • First Letters: How to build letter-reading and -writing confidence and achieve long-term memory retention.
  • Word Formation: Moving from letters to words. How to use games to accelerate reading and writing skills.
  • Phonics in the Classroom: The dos and don’ts. Why phonics classes require phonics teaching methods.
  • The Fitzroy Method: Specific tips for getting the most out of our literacy range, with emphasis on the first 40 Readers.
  • The Psychology of a Classroom: Why some students struggle with any system and what to do about it.
  • Evaluating Students: Tips for finding and correcting learning difficulties.
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Course presenter: Jeremy O'Carroll, Director of Training (Fitzroy Method)

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Advanced Course

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The Advanced Course reveals a range of powerful upper primary skills that both extend your understanding of the Fitzroy Method and equip you with practical and easy-to-apply techniques for optimizing learning potential and improving written and oral work.

Areas covered include:

  • Fitzroy Method: Writing Course (advanced course) 

    The Writing Course teaches a wide array of techniques and strategies to improve persuasive and creative writing. Filled with concrete examples and exercises, it will equip you with the writing know-how to transform the work of even your most challenged students.

    Areas covered include:

    • Using mind maps for a near-endless supply of ideas: accessing the power of whole-brain thinking.
    • How to use three-step planning to get your persuasive writing pieces completed more quickly.
    • Child-proof techniques to persuade any audience.
    • How to work backwards to ensure a coherent argument – and keep kids on point!
    • How to use concrete descriptions to inject life and tension into otherwise dull creative writing.
    • Simple methods for eliminating unnecessary words that dilute the power of your students’ prose.
    • The two keys to making boring dialogue interesting.
    • How to use mind mapping to plot page-turning fiction.
    • How understanding story structure can create riveting fiction.
    • Choosing the right point-of-view to engage even the most cold-hearted reader.

Course presenter: Jeremy O'Carroll is the Fitzroy Method Director of Training and founder of the Fitzroy Learning Centres. He is the principal author of the Fitzroy Method Teacher's Guide, author of Fitzroy Readers 11X-20X and has lectured both at the University of Melbourne and in many countries around the world. Jeremy is also the author of Full Speed, a coming-of-age novel about living your dreams and The Slob's Guide to the Perfect Job.

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Introductory Course, 16th August Online via Zoom


Introductory Course ($160)  
Writing Course, Feb. TBA 2023  
Both Courses Offer Special TBA  

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Fitzroy Phonics Professional Development Courses

Are you a parent or teacher who already uses - or intends to use - the Fitzroy Method learning materials? Would you like your child or students to excel at reading and writing?
If so, our Fitzroy Phonics Professional Development Courses will provide you with the essential knowledge and advanced learning skills needed.
We currently offer two professional development courses. Both are fully certified, easy-to-follow, and sure to help you increase your child or students' learning potential by teaching you:

  • How to effectively use the Fitzroy Phonics Method
  • How to get the most out of phonics system in general
  • Why most literacy methods fail - and what to do about it
  • Advanced learning strategies to harness the full power and energy of the mind

The courses are currently held in five countries, including: Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, and have been praised for their clarity, content and lively approach.
To learn more about our Introductory and Advanced phonics courses and find out why they will help your child, please visit our courses homepage.

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