Systematic Literacy Excellence

Welcome to the home of the Fitzroy Learning Centres. We offer systematic, easy-to-follow, confidence building, reading and writing classes that will enable your child to excel both at school and in life.

Unlike most reading programs that have had little practical exposure in the classroom, our Fitzroy Learning Centres are the fruit of over 30 years development and classroom testing in Australia, along with many years of experience in Asia.

Using the hugely successful Fitzroy (Phonic) Method as our foundation, we have created a reading and writing program that will enable struggling students to gain better than average results, and strong students outstanding ones.

Our unique program comprises 73 precisely calibrated levels that takes students from their first letters all the way through to reading, writing and grammar mastery.

Students can begin at any part of the program and most will find an almost immediate increase in their literacy skills.

To find out more about our program for children, please visit our Phonics For Kids Homepage.

Why our method works:
  • Proceeds in small, simple steps
  • Logical and easy-to-follow
  • Builds reading confidence
  • Systematic and complete
  • Uses multiple 'intelligences' to make learning fun and active
  • Uses systematic phonics to teach all essential reading building blocks (e.g. letter sounds, digraphs ['ch', 'th', etc.], sight words & spelling rules)
  • Has a proven track record with readers of all abilities and ages (3-13 years).
  • Uses teachers trained and certified in the Fitzroy Method
Your Fitzroy Story
Do you have a Fitzroy Phonics success story? Comments? Please write. We love getting feedback and always listen.
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Fitzroy Phonics Professional Development Courses

Are you a parent or teacher who already uses - or intends to use - the Fitzroy Method learning materials? Would you like your child or students to excel at reading and writing?
If so, our Fitzroy Phonics Professional Development Courses will provide you with the essential knowledge and advanced learning skills needed.
We currently offer two professional development courses. Both are fully certified, easy-to-follow, and sure to help you increase your child or students learning potential by teaching you:

  • How to effectively use the Fitzroy Phonics Method
  • How to get the most out of phonics system in general
  • Why most literacy methods fail - and what to do about it
  • Advanced learning strategies to harness the full power and energy of the mind

The courses are currently held in five countries, including: Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, and have been praised for their clarity, content and lively approach.
To learn more about our Introductory and Advanced phonics courses and find out why they will help your child, please visit our courses homepage.

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