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Introduction to Phonics E-Book

If you want to find out more about how to use and choose a phonics literacy program, then join our mailing list and receive our free introductory e-book, 'Why Students Fail to Read and Write Well – And How Phonics Can Help'.

This short e-book is designed to help parents and educators understand:

  • How phonics literacy systems (i.e. the ones where you break words down into their sounds) really work;
  • What to look for when choosing a phonics system;
  • How to best use a phonics system once you have invested in it.

In the process it will also cover:

  • Proven techniques for teaching the first letters
  • Games and strategies for making the jump from letters to words
  • The psychology of learning to read and write.

The e-book is divided up into five parts - all of them short and simple. It's a an easy to way get a good feel for phonics and what to look for when choosing a system for your child or students.

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