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The Fitzroy Learning Centres are the fruit of 30+ years of classroom exposure and testing of the Fitzroy Method. Using the experience gained in thousands of Australian schools and many countries around the world, they have created a unique and systematic program that exemplifies the best of the Fitzroy Method.

Now, for the first time ever, students everywhere will be able to enjoy the literacy excellence once reserved for one of Australia's most famous primary schools, Fitzroy Community School - the testing ground for the Fitzroy Method.

The First Fitzroy Learning Centre opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2009. Other centres are due to open throughout Asia this year.

(For more information on the origin of the Fitzroy Method, please visit our Why Us? webpage.)

The Creators of the Fitzroy Method

Faye Berryman

Faye O'Carroll is the principal author of the Fitzroy Phonics Readers and the co-founder of the Fitzroy Community School in Melbourne, Australia. She has received many teaching honours, including being shortlisted for the Victorian Teacher of the Year Award.

Over the years her students have one numerous writing awards and her teaching methods have been the inspiration for many of the techniques now used in the Fitzroy Learning Centres.

She wrote some of the Fitzroy Phonics Readers, in part, to help educate her own seven children.

Philip O'Carroll

Philip O'Carroll is CEO of Fitzroy Programs, co-founder of the Fitzroy Community School, former tutor in logic at the Australian National University and lecturer in logic and linguistics at University of Western Australia. Philip is the system architect of the Fitzroy Readers.

His experience in both primary and tertiary level teaching, combined with his background in logic, has enabled him to put together what many consider the most systematic - yet easy to use - phonics course available for children today.

Jeremy O'Carroll

Jeremy O'Carroll is the Fitzroy Method Director of Training, principal author of the Fitzroy Method Teacher's Guide, creator of this website and one of the original guinea pigs of the Fitzroy Method.

He has tutored and lectured at the University of Melbourne, taught for many years at the Fitzroy Community School and currently spends time travelling around Australia and Asia conducting seminars on the Fitzroy Method. He is the founder and director of the Fitzroy Learning Centres.

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